- Brand New, High Quality       

- Magnetic Phone Holder

- Super strong magnetic, does not affect the mobile phone's signal

- Two different sized metal plates for you to use with different sized phones.

- 2 rectangular metal plates for larger phones, 2 round metal plates for smaller phones.

- Secure 3m metal plate. All metal plates have 3M adhesive on the back.

- These car metal plates themselves are NOT magnetic, just METAL, but they can work with all magnetic car phone mount holder

- Colour: Black

- Material: Metal

- Size: Rectangular L*W:6.5*4.5cm, Round diameter: 4cm


- Mini Magnetic Car Mount Holder

- Size: 3.3cm*0.7cm(Diameter*Thickness)

- Net Weight: 25g

- Super thin ( 7mm) with strong suction, keeps your device safe!

- Four powerful, Built-in magnets, holds your phone securely while driving, sudden braking and bumpy roads.

- Keeps your hands free for driving safe!

- The slim magnet can either be inserted between device and protective cover, battery and back cover or glued onto the rear of the device you want to attach.

- Rubber Grip on Magnetic Surface Offers Extra Protection.

- Suitable for car dashboard and other smooth surfaces

- Phone size is not limited - convenient and practical.

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